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Success Stories

The Indigenous Mentawai community are finally seeing their wants, needs and ideas for a sustainable solution to prevent and protect against long-term poverty become a reality.

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I went with my wife in January 2018 to Umma Maonu. We were non surfers and wanted to see the beautiful Maonu island and do some trekking to see the interesting sikere shaman. Hendri our guide was very welcoming and we had a truly wonderful time both trekking and staying in the chalet on Maonu island Mentawai. Jan Petr

A Taste of Mentawai


It seems impossible putting into words, an experience beyond words! From the moment we pulled the boat up on the sand at Umma Maonu’s Island, I felt like we had entered another dimension of reality. An ancient and magical realm of existence so simple, so deeply connected to nature and just so real and free! The Ments are filled with some kind of mystical medicine for the soul, and everything about Umma Maonu, from the kind and loving people that built it, to the absence of any sort of pretence is deeply nourishing and healing. If you want to surf the best waves in the world, hang with the best people and just experience the pure essence of what it means to be alive on this magnificent Earth, Umma Maonu is THE place!  M.S. Marinho

You’re invited to a very special film screening

As Worlds Divide film screening


Tuesday 4th April, 12.00 midday, at Malvern View Executive Board Room


Joe Cockburn is hosting a lunchtime film showing to raise money for a charitable cause that’s very close to his heart.


As Worlds Divide is a new documentary that explores the lives of the Mentawai people, who live a traditional tribal lifestyle in the tropical islands of Indonesia. Filmmaker Rob Henry – a friend of Joe’s – spent six years on the islands, immersing himself in the Mentawai way of life. The resulting film offers a unique view of the impact that the displacement of indigenous people is having on their culture, health and well-being.


Joe will introduce a short clip of the film, which premieres in Australia on 24 March 2017. Everyone who attends will then receive a web link, which will allow you to watch the full 86 minute film online. Lunch and a goodie bag will also be provided, all for a minimum donation of £5. All proceeds will be donated to the indigenous education foundation for the Suku Mentawai project.


For a taster of the film, click here to watch the trailer:  Please do watch it… it is very interesting to see the difference in culture and the impact that modern life is having.