Our Impact


Uma Maonu is committed to providing long-term benefit for the future of Mentawai people, the environment, travellers and the tourism industry. We are locally-owned, employ Mentawai staff and strongly support sustainable tourism practices. We purchase all of our fresh produce and daily food and beverage supplies locally, and offer guidance and support to our local farmers.

Uma Maonu believes Mentawai’s indigenous culture will play a key role in enabling a sustainable future for the local community and environment. In support of this, our lodging is modelled around Mentawai’s traditional clan-house, the Uma, and was built by locals using local materials.

Mentawai surf camp

We take our responsibility to the Mentawai people, environment, our guests, partners and employees very seriously and are constantly reviewing our policies and making improvements where we can.



To further consolidate this commitment, Uma Maonu is proud to announce a joint partnership with Suku Mentawai, a community-driven cultural education program initiated by the people, for the people.

For the year of 2016, Uma Maonu is going to contribute $10 per person, per day for every booking made via our website. We’re also prepared to increase this to $20 for any booking coming directly via the Suku Mentawai Foundation.

Suku Mentawai

Through offering this support, we, together with our guests, are going to play an important role in helping the local community to achieve their goals and objectives for a healthy and self-sustainable future.

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Uma Maonu is supporting the development of a locally-owned coconut oil project. By bottling and selling coconut oil, as oppose to selling as copra, the income of the Masilok community stands to increase by around 500%; this enables sustainable growth in agriculture and long-term protection of their local environmental resources. Further updates to come.

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