The Island

A secluded surfer’s paradise.

Our authentic camp based on Maonu Island is situated at the most northerly wave in the playgrounds region. If you are considering surfing Mentawai then Umma Maonu can provide you with an authentic trip and memories that will last a life time. Greig our surf guide and the team hope to see you soon!

The Mentawai Islands are a premier surfing destination that offer world famous waves. Their exposure towards the Southern Indian Ocean provides unbelievable waves all year round.

The ultimate surfer’s paradise – half of the island is white sand beach surrounded by a flat water atoll, the other half is a mangrove forest that’s ideal for exploring on canoes.

Across the water is yet more mangrove forest with small river-ways that lead into the tropical rainforest on Siberut Island.

The island is secluded from other resorts scattered across the area. Our waves out front are usually really quiet making solo surfs a common thing. When you’re not riding the waves, the only other people on the island will be the local coconut harvesters and fishermen.

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A typical day on the island

Our mission is to find the best possible waves for our guests each day.

A typical day includes:

  • Wake-up at whatever time you want
  • For those who want to hit the waves early, we have breakfast ready to go and eat on the boat. If you want a chilled out morning, we have breakfast at camp with tea and coconut before heading out to find some waves.
  • If the waves are hitting the island or nearby, we’ll surf until you’re tired and head back to camp for lunch and a chill. Once your batteries are recharged, it’s back out to hit the surf.
  • If we’re heading to the outer islands in the morning, we will leave early morning and lunch will be served on the boat or in one of the local villages before heading back out.
  • At 6pm, we head back to camp to enjoy a feast and cold beers while watching the breath-taking sunset.

There are plenty of opportunities to spear, fish or snorkel between surfs too.