You’re invited to a very special film screening

You’re invited to a very special film screening

As Worlds Divide film screening


Tuesday 4th April, 12.00 midday, at Malvern View Executive Board Room


Joe Cockburn is hosting a lunchtime film showing to raise money for a charitable cause that’s very close to his heart.


As Worlds Divide is a new documentary that explores the lives of the Mentawai people, who live a traditional tribal lifestyle in the tropical islands of Indonesia. Filmmaker Rob Henry – a friend of Joe’s – spent six years on the islands, immersing himself in the Mentawai way of life. The resulting film offers a unique view of the impact that the displacement of indigenous people is having on their culture, health and well-being.


Joe will introduce a short clip of the film, which premieres in Australia on 24 March 2017. Everyone who attends will then receive a web link, which will allow you to watch the full 86 minute film online. Lunch and a goodie bag will also be provided, all for a minimum donation of £5. All proceeds will be donated to the indigenous education foundation for the Suku Mentawai project.


For a taster of the film, click here to watch the trailer:  Please do watch it… it is very interesting to see the difference in culture and the impact that modern life is having.